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Sonoma Vehicles For Sale By Owner

Welcome to Sonoma’s largest lot dedicated to Vehicles for Sale By Owner.  At 870 Broadway in Sonoma, we offer an unbeatable location to place your used car or other vehicle, with thousands of Sonoma County’s residents and visitors passing by every day.  We cut out the middle man, so all of the money your vehicle is worth goes directly into your pocket.  Our parking fees are as follows:

30 Day Pass, No Additional Fees

$20 For The First 20 cars!

Contact Us Soon to Reserve Your Discounted Spot

*Autos, Motorcycles, RV Campers, Boats, Buses, Tractors, and Trailers are all subject to equal pricing with placement on the lot at our discretion.  We will provide the best reasonable placement opportunity to customers on a first come, first serve basis.  

Why Sell Your Vehicle At Sonoma Cars – U Sell?

1.)  Our prime location attracts more driving and foot traffic than any other for sale by owner location in Sonoma – by a significant margin.  With 20,000+ square feet of paved lot and 100+ car spaces, we attract hundreds of potential buyers to sell your car as fast as possible at the price you deserve.

2.)  Protect your privacy!  Our car lot provides a neutral meeting place at a busy intersection (Broadway/E. MacArthur St.)  in downtown Sonoma where meeting potential buyers during the day could not be safer.   Additionally, with floodlights on at night, risk to your vehicle is minimized.  Protect your vehicle, your home, and your family by placing your car on our lot.

3.)  Fast placement, great resources.  Within 24 hours of your inquiry, your vehicle can be placed on our lot and access to our plethora of informational resources can help you prepare and price your vehicle appropriately to maximize sale price.

The Process: 

a.)  Make an appointment

b.) Come by the lot

c.) Fill out a couple easy to read forms

d.) Place our For Sale By Owner Sign in Your Vehicle, and

e.) Enjoy the many inquiries you will receive as a result of our location!

Please Contact us at or (707)-327-9385 for further information or to set an appointment to place your vehicle on our lot.

Thank you for your interest!